In 1859, with the foundation of Brisbane’s local government, the hoarding of local art began. The growth of a thriving city and the perceptions of artists witnessing this change isReveal: Rediscovering the City of Brisbane Collection. The Brisbane Museum is featuring over 80 artists and a rotation of 5000 pieces that hold a strong connection to the character of our heritage.

The most noteworthy and strikingly artistic works have been selected for display. Yet there is such an abundance of artwork that the Collection will be rotated in succession in order to illuminate Brisbane’s past and present. There is room for the visitors to make return trips and see revived art that can even help to predict Brisbane’s future direction. Visitors can discover the City’s hidden character that may shock or delight.

“Visitors can discover the City’s hidden character that may shock or delight.”

The range of artistic mediums involved in this collection is staggering. On display are water paintings of homes and celebrated landmarks. There are also more personal interpretation of life in Brisbane in the form of sculptures, pottery, prints and drawings. The City of Brisbane Collection has been built over time with additions in recent years forming an interpretation of the last 150 odd years. And in a sharing and settling manner Reveal: The City of Brisbane Collection is free and open through till the end of the year. There are also artworks tours run every Friday at midday.

The Brisbane Museum can easily be found at 157 Ann Street in the CBD on the ground level of the sandstone Salvation Army building. The Museum is a short walk from a range of excellent bars and restaurants including Brew or Super Whatnot, both of which are tucked away in Burnett Lane. These bars contain some of the more contemporary interior design and use of space in the city.